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Update January 22, 2007

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Alhamdolillah Eesa’s been doing much better lately alhamdolillah. Apart from washing 5 bedsheets a day from last tuesday to friday, it’s all been under control! On the first night, we went through 7 bedsheets & blankets. Bless Imran’s mom for having the stomach to wash them. The funny thing is, it’s easy to wash your own child’s but i doubt i’d be able to wash someone else’s stinky sheets. When I have grandson’s ill be sure to let u know!

A couple of u mentioned to have eesa checked up with a doc. Our peadiatrician is an excellent guy mashaAllah. He’s also a friend so I am constantly on the phone with him. The best thing about him is that he always gives guidelines to follow. He mentioned that babies have 5 litres of water in them, pooping and throwing up causes dehydration. So we look out for signs of dehydration. If he is crying and there are tears, its a good sign. If his tongue is wet, it’s a good sign. We look out for wrinkles on the top of his feet and make sure his tummy inflates when he breathes. if any of the above was missing, he told us to take him to the hosp right away.

He also told us water, crackers and 7up/gingerale are ideal substitutes for IV. They have just the right nutrition. crackers for carbs and sodium. water and crackers dont have enough calories, hence the 7 up. We had to minimize the quantity. about 3 tablespoons of liquid every 15 minutes.

Eesa fell sick the same way in pak last yr. the last time he refused to eat or drink. Alhamdolillah this time round he WANTED to eat and drink. Hence when he was throwing up, he was taking out what he was eating, but alhamdolillah not all of it. Alhamdolillah he’s much much beter now, just very zoned out and tired.

on another note, phoppos have left for pakistan. we spent the weekend with them and Beeloo was over. Having spent an entire month with daadi all to himself, i noticed moments when he was jealous of having beeloo around. He’s throw random tantrums and would do things that he knew would cause us to punish him (or send him to the penalty box as imran calls it). InshaAllah his jealousy is only out of love and if directed positively can be a good thing inshaAllahu khair.

its super silent here without phoppos. it’s almost as if our ears have started to buzz. anyhow, im off for school! more to come later!

New words this weekend: phainko (throw), khatta (sour).


One Response to “Update”

  1. Nadia Says:

    another new word that weekend: “aishooooo” hehehe=D=D

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