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My lil man… January 11, 2007

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I’m back! =)

Having spent an entire month away from my boys, being back at home seems like zenith on earth! I got an awesome reception at the airport from both of them who just couldnt contain their grin mashaAllah. Imran always insists that coming home to us after a hard day at work is one of the best feelings in the world. Yesterday, I truly understood what he actually means by it! I came back from a vacation and it felt awesome seeing the two of them.

Eesa insisted I let go of the luggage and sit on my seat in the car. He had his mantra ‘sheza mama’ going constantly throughout the car ride. It’s like a lil tasbeeh he reads. He had soooo many stories to share and mashaAllah it felt great hearing them. Reaching home, he insisted I sit with him and see his videos. ‘Awa whirl’ (adam’s world) and aish age (ice age). I had brought back a couple more videos for him including the king and I (based on surah muzzamil) and ice age 2, but he insisted he wanted to complete his memorization of ice age and adams world instead.

While I was gone, daadi had taught him that mama had gone to ‘Allah ghar’ (God’s home). It was soooo adorable when he said ‘eesa mama baba Allah ghar’. as though he wants all of us to go. (I can’t wait for that!) InshaAllahu ameen.

He’s learn such amazing stuff mashaAllah. having caught a cold in saudi, I keep coughing away. Everytime I cough, he yells out ‘shukr alamla’ (shukr alhamdolillah). Even if he is in another room, he’d run to say it out to me. lol. When i was giving him a bath this morning, I had the tap running, he gave me a stern look and went: ‘No water! Allah watching!’. Ever since he was a baby, he’d been water obsessed. he’s sit in the kitchen sink and spray water everywhere. So, daadi would reprimand him by saying ‘don’t waste water, Allah’s watching’. It was adorable.

It was also after a month that he slept in his room. He woke up loving all the balls and cars around him. I brought back this lil cars set for him. mahsaAllah he loves it coz i got him the movie as well. (anything to get him off ice age). lol.

I think i’m in love with my boys all over again. it just feels amazing! it almost feels im newly married, just with a baby in tow this time around. God, I love vacations although they can be overwhelming when u return. I hate the mess alll the unpacking creates and therefore am unpacking one piece at a time. I brought back so many snacks and spices from saudi and pak that i barely have room in my kitchen anymore! I’m dreading the reorganizing required! so not in the mood right now. lol.

ok it’s 3:30 am, i’m off to watch my boys sleep – truly, one of the best feelings in the world!


5 Responses to “My lil man…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    aaaw,… mashaAllah… good to have you home ::hugg::
    call me… (Sorry i missed ur calls yesterday)… muah

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Im soo happy you ae back!!
    that post was soooooooooo awesome because it was a really nice rendition of your reuniting with eesa, mashaAllah he is sucha cutie pie!!!
    love ya
    inshaAllah see you soon

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mashaa Allaah its great to have you back! Hajj maqbool inshaa Allaah! Hugs to Eesa n his mommie dearest from moi inshaa Allaah.
    barakAllaahu feeki
    wassalaamu ‘alayki,

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome Back! Hajj mubarak!
    and you are sooo right.. it does feel like we are newlyweds, after a long trip away. UR boy is sooo cute mashAllah.. I can’t wait for Hamzah to start talking:)

  5. nayma Says:

    i miss him soooo much…. so cant wait for march….
    (not the exam part but the toronto part iA)
    lub ya lots mots….
    hugs n hugs n hugs to booboo

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