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The well that refuses to dry up… November 18, 2006

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So here’s how it goes folks! The well wheels are still cranking! they refuse to stoppp!!! but alhamdolillah the good thing is that he’s getting used to it now. he’s not that milk obsessed anymore, alhamdolillah. and above everything, he’s sleeping through the night!! MashaAllah!

I don’t sleep till past fajr, but the sleep post fajr used to be really tiring because eesa would drink alot after fajr. alhamdolillah, by the time we get up at 9, i’m really refreshed, though every four five days, i’d need to sleep in the afternoon with eesa to catch up on the sleep.

I’ve also noticed that he sleeps alot better on our bed than his. this could be either because his mattress is harder than ours or because hes outgrown his bed (which btw, would be really sad coz i absolutely love his bed!!).

MashaAllah I’ve been intrigued by the amount of things kids notice. I was browsing through an email from IKEA and it had a lantern on it that Maryam has as well. And he made me scroll back up so he could point out that it’s the same one as Mannams!

something really funny happened today! eesa loves watching Adam’s world but everytime a song comes on, he turns up the volume. He maxed out the volume today so loud, Maryam could hear ‘one big family’ blaring two stories above! lol. yes, our son was bus’in up some muslim beats! lol he’s doing dawah already .. haha!

MashaAllah he’s totally in love with his baby cousin. the moment we leave the house, he wants to go see beelaah! he sits and watches beelloos videos over and over again. i absolutely adore the way he’s sooo loving with everyone mashaAllah, but esp B. yea he totally smothers poor B, but at least he doesnt smack him – which, by the way, i was absolutely petrified about!!

thats the update from my end. Eeesa’s gone to spend the night at daadi’s with nadoo phoppo. imo n i are watching raptors… exciting game but the end is almost predictable – despite an excellent effort from the raptors!


2 Responses to “The well that refuses to dry up…”

  1. nayma Says:

    i think its the mattress
    i slept on it n it aint HALF as comfy as urs… n outgrowin the bed… i think he wont till hes liek five…
    missin u boooboo!! cum soon
    *hugs n kisses*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    awwwwww he is such a cutie pie mashaAllah – you can always save the bed for the next child 😉

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