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Weaning update… November 15, 2006

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If you ever wanna see what a drug addict craving his dose looks like, come look at Eesa!

He’s going through massive withdrawal symptoms. Since my rocks are sore, and i coloured them white with white out (LOL!), he thinks i’ve hurt myself. All morning he kept telling me to ‘whash’ (wash) it out. I showed him its not coming off and it hurts to touch, he got really worried for me. The first time he saw it, he gave this really disgusted look and went ‘YUCK!’. There have been moments today when he was literally writhing on the floor! A couple of times he even grabbed my arms super tight and clenched his jaws so tight that his body was shaking. LOL! I know it sounds scary, but it’s not. It’s actually really funny – and sorry!

Poor thing I feel soooooooo guilty denying him his “euphoria”. *sigh* LOL

A word of advice to those of you who know weaning mums, DONT HUG THEM!

it HURTS – Like REALLY HURTS. lol.

Remember us in your dua’as please. Please pray that we get through this trial with ease inshaAllah. ameen!


4 Responses to “Weaning update…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    sheza… u put white out on ure body?!? Please tell me I am readin things wrong. You are kiddin rite… ai yi yi… how do u plan on gettin it off?!?

  2. shaz Says:

    wow… I am reading your dramas! I hope it works out well inshaAllah.
    I never had any issues like that alhamdulillah, most likely because they were all weaned before 10 months… even the baby is done… he just decided he prefered a bottle!

    Well, mashaAllah you made it for the 2 years, and its just a couple of days more inshaallah. I think you can use a pump tho (not an electric one)… or manually express… it won’t cause it to full up again.

  3. Shezalldat Says:

    shabina, lol yes i did! u can just it out by scrubbing it a bit.

    shaz expressing does produce more. when eesa was about 6 months old, he had these white dots in his mouth (i cant remember their name, but an infection) the infection spread to me and it HURT so much i couldnt nurse him drectly. so in the end, i started to express manually for alternate feeds – thats when i started solids too so id mix milk with rice cereals. i had to do this coz i didnt want to stop nursing just yet.

  4. shaz Says:

    it was prolly thrush…
    even just expressing using a warm, damn towel? I don’t recall what I did for the previous 2 kids… this one was pretty easy, alhamdulillah, he just stopped and the milk also stopped! 🙂

    hang in there!!

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