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Weaning Day 6! November 15, 2006

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So alhamdolillah its day 6. Just a recap: spent three days weaning when he didnt see me. Two days when he did see me. Today is the third. SubhanAllah so far so good – rocks and all – apart from a slight glitch this afternoon!!

This afternoon, despite protests from Eesa, i put him down to bed to sleep by stroking his hands etc. I’d been so tired since my trip that I fell asleep with him too. When I woke up, he was nursing off me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i gently pulled out so he wouldnt realize it. He’d eaten through a bit of the white out! thats WHACK!!! Anyhow i checked online and it said white out int hat quantity is not toxic… subhanAllah!!

on the positive side, Alhamdolillah it feels like a big relief coz one of them was a huge rock and hurt like one too! Its more …. heavenly now! Especially since i can finally feel something apart from soreness… lol!


2 Responses to “Weaning Day 6!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    true merchant
    cant keep his food away

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how did he manage to do that?!?!

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