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I miss you… November 11, 2006

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I flew down to Winnipeg this morning. You were deep in your sleep, but I was missing you even before I left you. It felt so hollow. Saying goodbye to you tis morning has perhaps been the toughest thing i’ve done in the last two years. I left before you woke up, because that would have been even tougher!

I’m so torn. I felt evil and I felt so guilty. I feel drained. But i know there’s some good! inshaAllahu ameen.

However, I’ve been missing you through out the day. There were moments during the day when I’d totally phase out and simply think of you and baba. I was dreading having to sleep without you two cramping my space. I missed your laughter and just the sight of you sleeping away this morning – that priceless look! it’s been etched on my mind. I miss you eesoo!

c ya soon! hopefully! muahz!
love Mama


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