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Eesa Milestone.. November 6, 2006

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We’re talking & puzzling!

SubhanAllah in the last three weeks we’ve picked up sooooooooooooo many words. Some of them soooo random like ‘heavy’ or wait or ‘Sheza’ or ‘Sharmin’ or ‘Shellfoh (cellphone)’ or dai (dahi for yoghurt) or bootay (bhuttay for corn) or cahseat (for carseat) and ja-ah for jazakAllah. All of a sudden in the last three weeks he’s picked up over 30 words mashaAllah! He also recognizes people. I was showing him pictures from last years eid where I was standing next to maryam, beenish and aasiya. He pointed everyone out – shesha, mannam, B, aasi. i was quite thrilled, i must say! lol

He’s picking up grammar too. Here’s my favorite! He often picks something and goes ‘mine’ to which I reply ‘mama’s’. So now whenever I ask him for his name or for anything… he goes ‘Eesa’s’ or dais for yoghurts… basically everything is in plurals now.

His second milestone, he’s figured out how to do board puzzles. yes mashaAllah! he can do them! he’s also able to count upto 8 and can fix the alphabets and numbers into their slots. alhamdolillah that can keep his attention for some time mashaAllah and so thats a bonus!:P


One Response to “Eesa Milestone..”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    awww.. he recognized my pic?? 😀
    he loves me he really loves me.. lol
    love you eesoo
    -aasi maasi

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