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My vacuum’s first (and second) bath October 12, 2006

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It so happens that we finally got our first vacuum delivered today. It’s been the highlight of my week lately. We ordered it last week and finally got it today.

Amidst all the xcitement, Imran left for Taraweeh and i started talking to aasiya. After a while, i got up to get my self a glass of water and right there stood Eesa, peeing away. I got so carried away talking to aasi, I completely forgot about Eesa’s potty training and forgot to ask him if he needed to pee. In the process of relieving himself, his aim was directed solely on the vacuum… my brand spanking new yellow vacuum!! *sniff*

And so it was. Our pride and joy, our precious new vacuum got its first pee bath followed by a proper clean up bath =(


2 Responses to “My vacuum’s first (and second) bath”

  1. Umm Belaal Says:

    haha. at least both the pee and vaccuum were yellow

  2. Hottie Says:

    Your English is perfect. Where did you went to school?

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