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Imaam Eesa… October 2, 2006

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This Merchant boy is crazy! The first time baba ever sat on the mimbar was when he was 17, chacha was 23, chaachoo was 16… This lil one has outdone all the merchy boys!

Yesterday, during taraweeh, Eesa ran right out of the women’s section into the men’s prayer hall. Looking for his baba, he ran right through the door, past men in prayer – squeezing his way through their legs, right into the front row. I turned on the tv in the women’s section to see if he could be seen. Lo behold, he was first sitting next to the imaam. When the imaam went into his second rakah, he couldn’t concentrate any longer and kept making mistakes. Soon I saw Eesa climbing all over the minbar, up down, hanging over the top step etc etc. As soon as Imam nadwi said his salaams, he burst out laughing.

In foresight, it was funny. BUt at that moment, it was ever so embarassing. I just wanted to fizz away. lol.

After looking at Eesa, Imaam Nadwi made a very special dua’a for the youth and children of our society. We can only guide our kids, the path they choose is eventually their own.. May Allah swt keep all our children on the straight path, ease their burdens in this life and the next, make them a source of jannah for their parents and children; and may He InshaAllah reunite those who are away from their families, before Eid inshaAllah. Ameen. Ya ar Rahman, Ar Raheem Ameen.


4 Responses to “Imaam Eesa…”

  1. Namzzzzzz Says:

    thats my booboo!:P

  2. Umm Belaal Says:

    aww…and i missed that?

    crazy booboo

  3. AaSiYa Says:

    very cute mashallah.. i think it was more entertaining watching shezas reactions however.. lol (i was there 😉 )

  4. shaima Says:

    lol i told u i had a dream when eesa was born that mashaAllah he was a hafiz at a very very very young age
    (ie 5-6) i dun think kids know how to read at that age huh?! but eesi is special..and thats the first step yea? miss him!

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