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Potty training.. September 30, 2006

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Alot of you have been asking me lately about how potty training has been going so far. I think I mentioned in my last poop, i mean post, that so far it’s been rather successful Alhamdolillah. I’ve been having no trouble with the big job. It’s the pee that’s been giving us trouble. Although mashaAllah he has enough control to hold his pee, he just doesn’t warn me in advance. we always end up having this leak. The sad part is, that it’s almost like having Uncle Tom on my territory. No mercy, no warning and definitely no apologies – if Eesa could have his way, he’d spray it all down with his pee!

After he does it, I ask him: ‘who did this?’ *doh*
He responds ever so proudly ‘Eesha’

I can ask him once, I can ask him a million times, it’s the same adorable response: ‘Eesha’ =) I have to literally hold myself back from breaking into a smirk and/or hugging him!

Three posts in one day! whoaa! i’m on a blog frenzy! Eesa’s gone to daadi’s with Chaacha so I got a chance to clean out our dressers and to get rid of his old clothes in the process too. Alhamdolillah. Imo0o’s flight has already landed, so I better go get ready.



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