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Marhubban ya ramadan September 29, 2006

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(ive pasted the stuff from my other blog here but added more for eesa’s memories)

Yes, I’m five days late, but a Blessed Ramadan Kareem to everyone. Ahamdolillah despite Eesa, fasts are progressing smoothly. So far so good. We throughly enjoyed the taraweeh and fajr at Alfalah for the first four nights mashaAllah. So soothing.

This year theyve got four imaams and mashaAllah two of them are AMAZING. SubhanAllah, they outdo themselves every night. Sometimes while they’re about to go into ruku’ you almost feel like saying… “wait not yet!” hehe.

It’s ever so convenient praying at Alfalah because the women’s section is sound proof so the kids can play outside without disturbing the prayer. Moreover, with Mom and Nadia around, I don’t have to worry too much abt taking care of Eesa. MashaAllah i got to really enjoy the prayers because fo them. How 20 rakah’s fly by, you don’t even know. I love ramadan at Al falah. Even their iftaars are super impromptu and cozy. mashaAllah. Even now, going back to Al falah, it feels liek I’m at MY mosque. Even though we’ve been at ift for over a year now, it still feels liek the communities mosque. there isn’t that personal feeling to it. It’s so hard to explain!

For the last two days, I’ve been in scarborough. Since Imran’s out of town, i don’t want to walk back alone at night so i come back after maghrib. As much as I hate to sound like a whiney wife, it feels super lonely without Imo in Ramadan. He’s been gone since last monday and sometimes I just turn on the tv so there’s noise in the house – esp after Eesa falls asleep. Even the usually hyper eesa has been unusually calm lately. There’s only so much we can play too. Sometime’s he’s so bored, he just comes and wraps himself around my legs and smiles up at me, mashaAllah. I feel so sorry for him.

We’ve been doing alot of walking lately. To and fro the masjid, the park, the library, grocery store etc etc. Usually int he morning we go to the library, then to the masjid in the afternoon. When he wakes up from his nap we go to the park and then masjid again. The times that the lib is closed, we just go to the grocery store. Alhamdolillah that kills almost 45 mins to an hour of our time.

I can’t say it enough byt MashaAllah i’ve been enjoying my time with Eesa alot lately. There’s a completely different bond once they start responding to u and start to appreciate you. I remember in the start i used to go thru the ‘postpartum of the itnellect’ where i felt my mind was rusting. Alhamdolillah, altho that is still there, it’s not so bothersome anymore. I’m so at ease with it. Alhamdolillah.

Eesa’s also completed his ‘big job’ potty training. He’s completely at ease with floating his boats out into the pot. He loves the farting sound/feeling and laughs uncontrollably when that happens. I think it makes him feel ticklish. Since today, he’s been making the fartsy sound through his mouth and then laughs out loud after. (definitely a merchy baby!). Since yesterday, I started the small job potty training. We’re still using the diapers. From tommorow we’ll take off the diaper and count the number of accidents.

He’s also become extremely loving mashaAllah. His antics are ever so priceless mashaAllah. Even if he’s playing and doesnt see me around, he’ll come looking for me, kiss me and then pull me indicating for me to come and be with him. This afternoon i fell asleep next to him and he woke up before me. He just kept kissing me in order to wake me up. He loves blowing flying kisses and all. oh and altho it’s tough to make him do it, but its a really nice and warm feeling when he coems and gives Imo and I a ‘Tight hug’.

I’m trying to record how Eesa prays so adorably mashaAllah. the only prob is when he notices the camera, he becomes really concious and wants the camera and leaves the prayer. STILL working on it though! It’s so adorabel the way he makes dua and does sujood by lying down on the floor. He even taps his finger for shahadas mashaAllah.

I’m also trying to teach him the concept of picking up after himself. He tends to hurl things alot. Ever since he was a baby, he loves to throw things around. Even his toy baskets, he just loves to turn them upside down and mess them around. He enjoys messing things up more than he enjoys playing with them.

Winter’s coming. It’s alot of fun dressing him up now in runners and toupe. Toupes really suit him mashaAllah. Plus, he’s shoe crazy like his naani and mum, so we have a great time selecting the shoe and socks we want to wear.

Signing out,


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