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Potty Training… September 19, 2006

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and so it begins.

Today was the first day of our potty training schedule. We started the day very well mashaAllah by taking a dump and ‘shoo shoo’ (pee) in the toilet. Although I was expecting the pee bit to go smoothly, i was actually quite surprised to see him really relaxed about “floating his boats” (if u know what i mean) out into the toilet as well!

He’s been sitting on the pot for a while, but just to wash up after a diaper change. As soon as I’d take off his diaper for a change, I’d put him on the pot and rinse his bum with water in the pot. If he was cold, he’d occassionally pee in the pot too but nothing as a routine. Alhamdolillah we’re starting a milestone now! He’s realy into his potty seat as well. It’s just a removable seat for the conventional toilet seat. I’m ever so disgusted by the typical toilet seats that kids poop/pee into and then you have to wash it out. It’s SOOOO gross. I saw a travel toilet system at Toys r us witha bag system, so the kids basically poop/pee into a bag and u can dispose it off. No hygeine issues, no washing etc.

I saw a black woman this morning making her kid pee behind the car, so totally disgusted me. InshaAllah if we keep the travel potty system in the car, we can pull over and make him poop/pee on it and then dispose the bag. I’m running ahead of the game here! let’s just get this potty system rolling at home first!


One Response to “Potty Training…”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    ugh! i know what you mean about washing them out and stuff – yuckie!! and the travel system seems great!!
    inshaAllah the potty training will continue to go well 😀

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