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Mommyhood is… September 16, 2006

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– about alot of dispensible love and courage

– about smiling even when your heart aches.

– about turning to photo albums in order to validate the memory of a glowing skin!

– about having the honor of naming streets. Streets that are sketched across your belly in the form of stretch marks.

– about rewriting Oxford dictionary without words and phrases like: privacy, bathroom privacy, conversations with full sentences, good books etc etc! Ofcourse you get to emphasize words like: diapers and… well… diapers again for added emphasis!

– about functioning in a world where the sweetest smell is that of apple juice on a baby’s breath; the most pleasant sight is a baby’s smile; the most pleasurable sound is a baby’s laughter – the one in which he has to gasp for breath ‘coz he can’t stop laughing; the most the most peaceful time of the day is during a baby’s nap; and lastly, the best feeling is cuddling this bundle right into you.

– about learning not to ask for advice in the presence of elders. You will walk out feeling like nothing but an inadequate mother. Life saving tip: Don’t question it! Smile and nod even if it sounds like the most absurd tip ever.

– finally accepting that reading parenting books is not a sure fire way to raise a perfect child. Every child is different.

– about learning to embrace. Each new day and each new moment. Before it becomes another memory.

– accepting that the floor has many functions! It’s a catch all for food, toys, clothes and other belonging sthat your lil one may decide to displace.

– when the currency of your day is counted in nap minutes. Each nap minute is directly propotionate to a moment of order lost in your life i.e. your favorite lotion all over your bedsheet or baby oil poured all over the floor or sketches on your air conditioner made out of your favorite shade of lipliner.

– when your baby teaches you that dressers have other functions. How could you not know that, drawers can be used as stepstools towards your precious lotions.

– about accepting that you’re part of a beautiful cycle. Your parents were that small once-upon-a-time. So were you.

– when you can finally place emotions and a picture to the nostalgic stories that your parents often narrate about your own infant years. Now you understand the smile on their face.

– watching your $800 matress turn into a trampoline. Enough said.


6 Responses to “Mommyhood is…”

  1. Namzzzzzz Says:

    one piece of advice,
    use locks on ur dresser so ur lip liners r outta reach…n get child proof lotion n oil bottles!

  2. ammi Says:

    enjoy it! pata nahi chalta hai waqt kaise guzarr jata hai!

  3. ammi Says:

    oh and welcome to the REAL motherhood!

  4. Shezalldat Says:

    err childproof is an oxymoron! the oil bottle that i had was childproof!

  5. Shezalldat Says:

    btw, these bottles were not in the drawer, they were on top of the dresser!

  6. namz Says:

    then i suggest u put em in a dresser n lock it 😛

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