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One more month to go.. September 9, 2006

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Before you officially hit your terrible twos.

But we all know that you’ve been going through those since the last 12 months anyway! =)

Moh and I have been having alot of fun with you lately. We love the crazy lil things you do all the time. MashaAllah we’re always in awe. You’ve picked up on ‘two and theee and foh’ (two three and four). You have yet to say one but I’m sure it’s just around the corner. It’s actually quite amusing, going up elevators etc with you. You start your counting with ‘two, thee, foh’. I keep asking you to repeat ‘one’ after me. Instead, you continue off from … ‘two thee foh’.

Your obsession with balls is reaching new limits now. you spend half the day roaming around naked because most of your clothes dont have balls. the only way you wear clothes is by either of us having to bribe you that we’ll take you to chaachi’s place. the other day, baba and I were laughing that most kids have parents that spoil. then they have grandparents. you have parents, grand parents and an extra three supplemental grandmas, YET you roam around naked! THAT is sad!

september’s here so that means mama’s back to school. i’d arranged for you to spend 7 hours a week at the daycare downstairs, while i was at school. on friday they called to let me know thata full tiem student has been given preference! that made my blood boil! anyhow, aunty zamzam was kind enough to help out today. Alhamdolillah. gotta figure stuff out for next week onwards.

last weekend for bilal’s aqeeqah. he’s simply adorable. but you’re oh so jealous! the good thing alhamdolillah is that you dont express your jealousy by smacking him or anything. Instead, you seek to be cuddled and hugged. Which is pretty fair enough. 😉

Anyhow ive got to be get going. here are a couple of ur piccys from the aqeeqah!


One Response to “One more month to go..”

  1. Namzzzzzz Says:

    awwwww… my booboo soooooo cute!!!!!! i miss u booboo *muahs!!!*

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