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Ee-Sa – Bay-Bee September 4, 2006

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MashaAllah, You’re simply the most adorable lil goof I’ve ever known. Your pranks make us crack up so much nowadays.

Anyhow, for an update, you’ve learnt how to say Eesa. But you have a hard time saying it like a normal Eesa. Ever since u were a baby, we used to call you Eesa baby – almost as if we’re saying ‘he’s a baby’. (Shoaib chacha and Rizzi chacha were so crazy about ur name, they would yell out Eesa baby from the rollercoasters at wonderland!) anyhow, we’re trying to get u to say ur name without rocking ur body for now!

And I need to mention, I was starting to get rather worried that you’re turning two in almost 2 months and u STILL Couldnt say ur name yet. Alhamdolillah, u eased my worries nice and well! =)

Oh and while we’re at names, we just found out a lil while ago that Chacha and Chachi have named the baby Belaal. MashaAllah. =) He’s enjoying QT with nana and naani right now, we’re gonna hog him soon inshaAllah. Chaachi, beware! =)


One Response to “Ee-Sa – Bay-Bee”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    eesoo! get mama to update! i love hearing stories bout u…aasi maasi

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