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*baw* – A basketball players milestone! August 29, 2006

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Here’s a milestone that should belongs in our non existing babybook!

Today as I was putting on my fave denver nuggets top, you thought I was wearing a Jersey. You made me turn around so you could find teh NBA logo. Bu the top is from Foot Locker and it’s not a jersey so it didnt have the logo. When u made sure it wasn’t there, you twisted your palms and said ‘baw’? As if to ask me, where’s the ball? AWWWWW!! you can flippin recognize a jerseY!

A few days ago we were walking back from the park and you saw a guy wearing a lebron james’ jersey at the corner coffee shop, u pointed to it and said ‘baw’. I thought it was just a stroke of luck, u might have just randomly said it. BUT OMG! u know a basketball jersey when u see one!

Gotta start practicing with Coach Merchant if you wanna make it through the drafts!!


One Response to “*baw* – A basketball players milestone!”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    why am i not surprised that a merchant baby can recognize a bball jersey 😀 LOL!!!

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