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A day without Moh August 29, 2006

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Eesies started calling Imran, moh – his rendition of my Imo.

Imran’s off to Calgary again. This time for 6 whole days. He left yesterday and is coming back on Friday.

Eesa spent yesterday at Ontario place with Grandparents. They had a blast, water slides and all. He was pooped out by the end of the night and slept rather blissfully alhamdolillah.

When Imran’s not in town, the day seems rather endless. We were up at around 9, had pancakes for breakfast, read a few books, played a few games and were back to sleep by 11. In the meantime mama did her routine cleaning etc. By 2 you were up again, we had cheese tacos for lunch, played around a bit. Basically bored ourselves to sleep by 4:30. In the meantime mama got dinner ready. We had pizzas..yummer… !!

At 6 we went to the park, played around for a bit. Managed to get our way onto CTV’s camera (going to be on news tonight, weather segment at 11:30!!). Went to the library, read a bit. Came back home, spilt milk all over. Had a shower, splashed water all over the washroom and now I’m selecting my diaper..ehmoh ofcourse… while mama is writing away…. perhaps her 5 minutes of adult interaction before she speaks with baba later tonight!

You see, life without Imo, is just ….lifeless! =)


2 Responses to “A day without Moh”

  1. Namzzzzzz Says:

    annah(nani) is asking if u took the truck n shovel with u when u went to the park….
    if not then take it with u the next time u go n tell her
    miss u booboo

  2. Namzzzzzz Says:

    dude this kid is famous!
    first the sears baby, now the CTV kid?
    woooooow this kid will be on tv shows by the time hes 8! or even less LOL (IA)

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