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Eesa- 21 months August 22, 2006

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated about his antics. He’s been out and about into everything these days. From running into walls, to burning his hands, to spilling paint, to jamming dvd players with tons of dvds to spilling mama’s craft beads all over the livingroom to … everything! Oh dare i forget that he spilt baby oil all over my bed, bedroom floor and himself!

I also want to mention that I’ve discovered the most beautiful smell ever. It’s the smell of apple juice on baby’s breath. SubhanAllah. It’s awesome! When Eesa was a baby he used to love sucking my chin, then he started sucking my nose. Not only did it feel good, I used to relish the smell of his breath. Nowadays I have to stick my nose into his mouth to smell it.

Another milestone. Ever since he was a baby, I’d pray while holding eesa in my arms just so he is used to the concept and is not cranky when he sees me praying. Alhamdolillah nowadays he doesnt cry or try to distract me while I pray but he doesnt stay in my arm any longer either. It’s amazing to see him stand independently now MashaAllah. The greatest sight these days is to watch Eesa stand next to his Baba while praying. They look simply adorable. I’ve been trying to capture it on camera but Eesa gets distracted by the sound of the camera lens opening.

Also when he knows he’s done something naughty and I will get mad at him, he quickly goes into sujood because he thinks it would make me smile. One sly kid he is!

He’s been saying a few words here and there. But I still love the way he says ‘ehmoh’ and ‘uhoh’ with a pout of his mouth..He’s also picked up the habit of wearing his shoes the wrong foot in. Alhamdolillah the good thing is he can identify the wrong shoe in each foot intentionally. Most kids do it because they dont know right from wrong. But he knows which one is the wrong shoe and insists to put on the wrong shoe! SubhanAllah.

As I mentioned in my other blog, I’ve also organized his stuff.”I came up with a substitue for diaper bags since I hate carrying them (even the mommy bags), so I’ve put together pouches (3 for $2 at party packagers :P). Each pouch includes a pack of cookies, an infant’s tylenol, a bandaid, a pen, some hand sanitizer(2 for a buck at dollarama:P), vaseline or lotion, one small toy, a toonie for snacks and a quarter for emrgncy phone calls, and a diaper. ive placed one of these pouches in his stroller and another one in our car since those are the only two ways we travel by.” I also found these baby wipes in a cup which are handy for tackling spill ups etc. The cup shape allows u to place it in the cup holder of your car or the car organizer in the back. Theyre from dollarama so I’m not too sure about the quality, but for spills on fabric etc I find them to be an excellent substitute.

Oh! I saw a woman clean her baby’s butt with just wipes after he pooped. EEEW. You can imagine my eyes growing wider by the moment she kept cleaning her baby’s butt! I was soooo disgusted. She didnt even use water much less soap! (…And they have the guts to say us muslims are dirty! )

Our potty training has begun. I was hoping to do the weaning first but he’s much more keen to do potty training. I felt it was rather early to train him now but he insists on not wearing a diaper and holds his pee in for 2 hours!! So now I just ask him frequently if he wants to do ‘shooshoo’ every 20 minutes or so. I’m not pushing for it too hard because he’s still not 2 and is not entirely sure about how he pees. I’d rather give him the time to do it on his own than for me to have arguments and temper flares. Alot of desis squirm at the thought of a 2 yr old untrained toddler, but I hate the way desis go about training their babies – screaming and yelling their way into it. (My next door neighbour is doint it these days, I can hear it all the way in my bathroom when her daughter has accidents!). I expect some dissappointments aand temper flares but considering he’d be over two, InshaAllah it shouldnt be that bad.

I guess thats it for now. Piccys from his room to follow soon inshaALlah. Aasi darling had a sneak preview of the piccys at Beenish’s Halaqa 2 wks ago coz they were in my camera then. But inshaAllah soon, theyll be up.


2 Responses to “Eesa- 21 months”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    awww! i miss booboo!

  2. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww so cute mashaAllah, abt the potty training, you are doing it the right way alhamdulillah, and who cares if he is an untrained two year old!! plus boys take longer than girls. I potty trained both my sis and bro (along with my mother for guidance) and it can be difficult but you just have to be patient

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