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Eesa’s new tooth August 6, 2006

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So as soon I posted the last one, eesa stuck my finger in his mouth to tell me that he’s sprouting out some new teeth. MashaAllah apart from the first four, he’s been really good with his teething Alhamdolillah.

While I’m typing this, Eesa is lying across my chest (throat almost), drinking milk sideways, while reading what I’m typing. i’m watching the screen from the dent between his head and back (where his neck is). If i move my head to the right, his back in my face, i move to the left, his head in my face. Eesa sleeps like this in the earlier part of the morning, so that he’s sleeping horizontally, while we’re vertical. This way he ensures that imran is there. it’s amazing but Eesa does wake up alot at night to chk if imran is around and he’s been doing that since he was a baby. In the middle of his sleep, while turning or something he’d stick his foot out to chk if Imran was there. If he wasnt, he’d climb on top of me and come and sleep between Imran & I.

Anyhow, so imran just mentioned that because eesa sleeps like this, eesa’s butt sticks into imran’s face while he’s sleeping. That all is tolerable… UNTIL, first thing in the morning after eesa’s taken a crap(kaka in zamzam’s language), Eesa’s butt becomes unbearable. lol


4 Responses to “Eesa’s new tooth”

  1. AaSiYa Says:

    hahaha @ kaka !!

  2. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    hahahha lol i say kaka tooo!!! hahahha im having a really hard time pictureing your guyses positions!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    haha…crazzyy booboo..
    – nadia/aisha

  4. Ammi Says:

    nice way to tell its morning 😀

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