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Eesa and Ehmoh August 6, 2006

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I thought I was sooo poooped after yesterday that I didnt have the stamina to blog. But something just happened and I want to blog it right away.

Its almost one 1:30 and i’m enjoying the fact that imo is home and hence I’m doodling around in bed with the laptop. Imo just made some homemade pancakes for eesa and himself, fed and played with him and jut gave him a bath too. LOL. It’s mommy’s day off and she’s in bed, encouraging father son bonding…lol.

Anyhow, Imran brought Eesa out of the shower and as usual Eesa gave Imran the run – he hates wearing diapers! Eesa usually picks out his own diapers too since he likes wearing the ones with Elmo on it. I t took imrna a while to convince eesie to wear a diaper, he convinced eesa to wear one. Finally after much deliberation Eesa went through the pile, picke dout elmo and wore it. 10 seconds later, he pulls the tabs apart, pinches his nose and dumps the 10second old diaper into the trashcan and goes ‘gahbij’ (garbage). Imran’s soooooooooo frustrated. He goes’ shezzi what do i do now’. I go, convince him to wear another diaper. Imran goes ‘Eesa your new girlfriend is Big bird, you HAVE to wear her NOW’. LOL!

anyhow, while i’m at it, might I add, pampers are simply amazing. i dont know how and what they do … but their dipers are amazing!!!


One Response to “Eesa and Ehmoh”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    haha thas hillarioouss…good one imo!
    i luv the way both of u r soo into him..this lil monkey n his crazy things..

    luv ya eesa
    – – luv ur phopho nadia/aishaa

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