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here come the terrible two’s! August 4, 2006

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Lots of stories to share. It’s been a very awk week. One moment i wanna just hug and kiss you, the next i just want to screaaaaam at the mess you create.

But lemme start with something you did yest. Abbi, bai, me and Daadi were in rizzi chacha’s room and while you were scouring through bai’s storage cabinet in the hallway. You found a packet of Always and brought it into the room and proudly announced… DIPUH! (diaper) 😀 lol!! We all burst out laughing while you gave bai a run before she grabbed you and made you put it away. I just found it sooo cute, i’m sure ud be super embarrassed abt this when you grow up! Don’t worry, Nayma khala was worse:P

Today while I was leafing through the Ikea catalogue, you saw a desk and said tabuh for table. It’s quite cute how you’re saying these random words out of no where. Alhamdolillah, most amusing.

I’m still nursing you. It’s very fatiguing and really taking a toll on me physically. However, you refuse to wean off! I’ve tried overstuffing you with food, increase your liquid intake, yet you keep attaching yourself to me, more for pacification(i hope thats a word) than nutrition.

You still give abbi a hard time while he leaves for work. You cling onto him and refuse to let him go. Hopefully you’ll get used to it – soon!

Today Aunt Ayesha and I spokefor almost 3 hours and discussed ways of discipling you (amidst other random things). She’s done ECE so she was my resource. I have the hardest time getting mad at you. I feel sooo guilty coz i know it’s hurting you. Sometimes I just feel like lettign the issue drop and letting you do what you want, but I have to pulll myself back and remain stern. I just want you to know I love you (lots) and do it only coz I know its best for you. I don’t want you to turn into a rowdy lil monster. {{hug}}

We have a shower for Chachi this week at Daadi’s. Let’s see how well you behave amidst 30 women. Women, act your age, don’t let him flirt with you too much:P


Love, Mum


One Response to “here come the terrible two’s!”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    aww thnx for mentioning me sweetie, but theories are great in theory, but in application they are really tough, just remember if your truly love him then you will discipline him, if you dont love him then you will let him live as he wishes, discipline is tough, but when properly implemented it is best for you and your child

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