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Baw, dish, Dipuh and Joosh! July 26, 2006

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I am happy to report you’re turning into one slick charmer. Abbi’s been gone three days and we both have been upto ALOT of mischief and kudos to you for being one slick one!

You’ve been behaving rather well for a 21 month old. You’re upto the typical 21 month old mischief but I can’t help but fall further in love with you. You wake up early in the morning and start patting my forehead but I still fane sleep. Then you kiss me and go ‘mama, mama’. then you come lie down on top of me and keep patting me. I LOVE it. You’ve learnt how to rub lotion on me and spoil me silly!

Lately, you’ve been muttering a few coherent words amidst you typical ‘pata pata bobidas’. Yesterday, you mentioned ‘dipuh’ for diaper and today you said ‘book’. You say joosh for juice in the most adorable fashion. And you’ve been saying ‘dish’ for this and ‘laieet’ for light for a while now. You picked up how to say no a while ago but now each time you fall down or walk into a wall, you give a stern look and go ‘no!’ and wave your index finger!

A few days ago, you spilt some juice(i think it was) onto the floor and started clicking your tongue as if to say tsk tsk tsk! it was adorable! Abi and chachi had a hard time controlling their laughter in order to mantain a stern face at the fact that u spilt the juice!

Last night, you woke up at 1:30a.m. and were looking for abbi going ‘abba baba” and then twisted your palm as if to ask where. When you couldnt find him, you went into his closet, wanting to wear his clothes. I didn’t allow you to do so but his basketball jerseys were in a drawer nearby. You saw the NBA logo and kept going ‘baw’ for ball. You wanted to wear abbi’s Garnett jersey. So i took it out and attempted to make you wear it on top of your clothes, but you insisted on taking your top off so you could wear it. The jersey was longer than you and you kept tripping on it but you were very content. You then climbed onto the bed and lay down on the bed and fell asleep very peacefully.

Love u to bitsy babester,


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  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    whats pata pata bobidas mean?

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