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Abbi Misses You! July 26, 2006

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Hi baby!

It has been 3 days that I have been away, working hard to bring home the spoiling money required for you and mama! lol. Just kidding.. (sort of!). As time goes by, I feel the emptiness, lack of joy, boredem, wanting your presence around; mostly when I’m in my hotel room and hearing nothing but the air conditioner. I am looking forward to meeting you at the airport during my transit, urging to see that grin you have when I return from work; the grin that takes away all tireness and stress from my day.

I want a hug… a nice tight one.. with an “aaaaahh”! I want a kiss, on my cheek, not in the air rubbing your cheek against mine – lol! You’re sooo cute! There are too many things to describe how adorable you are – mama is keeping a regular update on your life – kudos to her! Every day you do something new, and for the 2 weeks that I’ll be gone, I want a replay of it when I get back – but for the short time I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the airport – hugs and kisses work for now!

You are a true gem attracting everyone to you with the love you show them. Keep it up baby! I love you to bits! *HUG*

Your Abbi,


3 Responses to “Abbi Misses You!”

  1. Shezalldat Says:

    yyyaaaaayyy! nayma khala would be happy now and mama is soooopper happy! thnx for dropping by!

  2. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    Aww MashaAllah Imran, it was so nice of you to post, especially since you are away from your family, I am sure Shez appreciates it, and I know that Eesa will when he is old enough to understand. And of course us readers love it as well, its nice to see a father so involved. I hope my hubby is like that when we have children. Hope you keep posting!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    heyy imo,
    man i luv the way ur so into eesa..ur an amazing daddy + an amazing hubbys mashAllah..
    im sure this lil monkeys guna appreciate all this wen he starts understanding everything you guys do for him..
    honestly i cud never imagine u being a daddy…n now wen i see u aroud eesa..its jus liike wow mashAllah..
    iite keep posting imo..
    luv nadia/aishaa

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