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Jay cat:P July 20, 2006

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It’s been a while since i last updated abt you. Summer’s here and you’re kicking it big time at daada’s pool. day before yest, Lena and Aunty Lubna came over. They joined you, phoppo and I for a swim as well. (ill upload the piccys later inshaAllah!). During lunch, Lena was sitting in JJ’s lap. After a while Lena went to her mum and you climbed JJ’s lap and enacted everything Lena did. You had the biggest sheepish grin ever. you leaned your head back into JJ or you’d lie down just the way Lena did. Later on, in the pool Lena sat in your old pool float. you waited patiently until Lena sat, but the moment she left, you climbed outta the pool and grabbed the float and insisted to sit in it. then you’d sit and copy everything lena did!

Alhamdolillah, the good thing abt u is that mashaAllah you dont show your jealousy violently – yet. I hope you stay the same when Booboo two arrives! you’re extremely possessive about everyone.

Last sat we went to Mohammad uncle’s wedding with Saima. You drove me CRAZY. you probably had a sudden adrenaline rush or something, you were running around the place like crazy. You’d crawl under the brides chair or whiz thru the guest tables. you were up and around, everywhere! I’d seen kids running around at wedding and frazzled auntys, never in my wildest dreams imagined that you’d be like them! *hugz* i luv u lots!

towards the end of the dinner, you climbed onto chacha and refused to go to anyone else. you’ve become really possessive abt chacha lately. God bless chacha once booboo two arrives!

lately, gravity seems to have an extra strong pull on you… except gravity seems to come at you from every direction – not just the ground. you’re turning into a walking talking disaster just like ur mama! Oh my God, you run into walls and pillars like anything!

Recently you’ve been giving me disciplining dilemmas. I’ve got to do some research on disciplining methods. You’re going through pre-terrible two’s and its crazy. You’ve been expressing anger by throwing things and hitting. I’ve never really hit you except during the time you were teething and you’d bite while I nursed you. Even then i’d flick a finger on ur lip and that was ageees ago. Last friday, you threw a book and i punished you by locking you into the office. I wanted you to pick up the book before we would leave for jummah. you persistently tried to get away with it, i hugged you but remained mad until you picked it up. I wanted you to know that as much as it hurt me that you were crying because I was mad at you, you had done something wrong and you needed to be corrected. I love you to bitsys!

i think thats all for now.. its 2 am and i really should be sleeping!
love you lots


One Response to “Jay cat:P”

  1. namz Says:

    bechara booboo all alone in the office…..i wonder if he was playin n messin up all ur stuff lol!
    lisn, y don u get imo to write a blog once in a while….it would be kool!

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