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Enough.. July 7, 2006

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To the baby of whom I can’t have enough of. I miss you. You’ve been spending time at grandma’s who has been painting the town red with you! You guys have been wandering all over centre island, niagra and this morning Ontario place. I’m in montreal but think of you morning and night. Can’t wait to see u soon inshaAllah.

Enough is not enough, when it comes to u!


2 Responses to “Enough..”

  1. nayma Says:

    i miss my booboo!!!!!!!

  2. AaSiYa Says:

    I SAW EESOO !!!… for the first time since october!…. @ jummuah yesterday.. mashaAllah… he shared my water bottle with me and he even did tarzan for me whoohoo.. love him.. at br riyadhs lecture he was flirting with khadijah ( my 8 mnth old neice )… mashallah.. so sweet..
    love, aasi maasi

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