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Eeso0o’s first major booboo! June 24, 2006

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Two nights ago, on the 22nd, we were sitting down and talking with Nayyar khaloo who’s over from Isloo. Nayyar khalloo was sitting on the carpet, his legs outstretched drinking water. you wanted to mimick him. you made me pull out the same type of glass for you. you went and sat next to khalloo, leaned back against the sofa, outstretched your legs and drank the water. Abbi was sitting on the silver chairs and he put the glass next to him, once you were done. Soon thereafter, you got up to play. However, you tripped and lost your balance and fell on to the glass. The glass went thru the middle of your left shin, abbi picked you up right away but it was too late. you were spraying and dripping blood everywhere.On mama’s carpet, the silver chair, the floor, the sink, the bathtub. Alhamdolillah you didnt cry when it happened, but I panicked and then you started to scream. When abbi ran water over your legs, your cries was sooo painful. Khaloo and abbi then put ice on you to stop the blood flow. Alhamdolillah it eased out. BUT. But it gave u a freezer burn. It was horrible, trying to put you to sleep. But you’ve discovered a new fetish this week. Adam’s world!!! you love their last dvd; One Big family. You love listening to 3 good boys and hum to the tune alll day – very adorably so, if i must say so myself. You were so tired, you fell asleep watching the songs. I’m not sure how happy i am about that. I dont want you turning into a tv addict, but on the other hand I’m very happy you’re finally enjoying these dvds.

abbi’s who’s usually faint with all this, was rather firm alhamdolillah. i on the other hand felt really queasy. abbi washed u out and then put the bandaid on. Your cut has grown alot smaller – alhamdolillah but the burn looks scary. its purple blue and black. your skin is super sensitive and u hated bathing this morning and THAT rarely happens. You’ve been walking on ur tippy toes or on the side of your heels coz i guess it hurts to apply pressure to the foot.

You’ve been cranky all day and acting all weird. you made us go upstairs to chacha and chachi’s place. we sat and talked for a bit but when abbi and i were leaving, you didnt wanna go. you pushed chacha and chachi into the apartment and waved us goodbye. It was funny but it also sortta hurt! *gives u THE look* But you’re weird today anyway! hehe *hugz* I will inshaAllah take piccys tmrw.. post them up for future memories.


4 Responses to “Eeso0o’s first major booboo!”

  1. nayma Says:

    post the sears pics !!!!!!!

  2. HerbWoman Says:

    hope the lil one feels better soon 🙂

  3. shortstuff Says:

    aww~ babys are a hand full!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ouuch babyy..
    Allhamdulillah ur feeling better =D

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