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Eesa’s First baseball Game… June 24, 2006

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Eesie, Mama’s been busy. She hasnt been able to pen down the million and one thoughts flying all over head due to sheer procrastination and the petty excuse of homework and exams.

Nana and Naani were over from india last month and we took them out to a baseball game with Dada Daadi and phoppo. We had seats on the ground… just aisles away from the players. Everytime the crowd roared, you’d get scared and start wailing. But when the crowd clapped, you loved it. you’d clap too. You’d loved being with daadi who brought yummy pasta for you. We indulged in some hefty popcorn and drinks. Ofcourse the jays won and the crowd went home happy. Abbi danced u on his shoulder. Mama screamed her lungs out. Here are some piccys for you to enjoy!


2 Responses to “Eesa’s First baseball Game…”

  1. HerbWoman Says:

    Mashallah Eesa is adorable!:)

  2. shortstuff Says:

    omg~ he is such a cutsy! mashallah.

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