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We’re at Daadi’s.. June 11, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — shezahasan @ 8:01 pm

Grandparents add a whole new dimension to our upbringing. We’re spending the weekend at daadi’s and Abbi’s going to Montreal tonight. You’ve been having a ball here with Daadi who’s been spoiling you to no end.

She’s taught you how to slide down stair banisters. She plays with you way past your bedtime at midnight. You’ve learnt how to do the actions of “baby baby yes mama”, you’re too lazy to actually say the words but you do go ‘Ha ha ha!” at then end. Bai bought you a lil tikes basketball net, but chachas and abbi enjoy it more than you do. You’d rather run around the pool. BUT! right now, you’re running around carrying the b-balls!

You’re growing up so fast mashaAllah. It’s a joy watching you. You’re soooo hyper too… you just love running around the place.

I love u gunda booboo!


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