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Recognizing emotions.. June 9, 2006

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You’ve learnt how to get what you want. You know how to manipulate us. You can charm your way out of anything and everything. At the same time, you can cheer us up in the lowest of moments.

Three days ago, chacha was upset over some stuff. You called him off the sofa to come and sit with you on the carpet. You’d lavish him with super flirty, ear to ear cheshire cat grins.

Even when I get mad at you, you smile back and melt me up. Yest I was talking to Aasiya but you wanted my attention. You’d put your fingers in my mouth and laugh at the funny way the words would sound. Your laugh was music. Aasi and I could go on forever hearing the wya you laughed. Alhamdolillah. When things get lowest of low, you’re there to cheer us up! Albeit momentarily, you know how to make us forget our worries.

Love you babes.


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