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Will the real momma please stand up! June 2, 2006

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Amongst my friends there has been a sudden population boom. While some are already parading about cooing their ten little fingered bundle, the others are still strutting about with their cute lil bulging tummy. And then there’s this one who’s only 6 weeks into it and moaning abt all the nausea. Our conversations have moved on from mundane daily life stuff to shopping at babies r us, baby shower registries, onesies, maternity vitamins and ofcourse to shows like Bringing Home The Baby or The Baby Story etc etc

Talking’s the fun part!

Once the baby arrives, it’s a WHOLE new story!

I was just telling Atikah and Maryam this the other day. When Eesa was three months old, ppl would go, ‘now‘s the easy part, wait till he starts walking!’ and i’d be thinking.. “what an obnoxious woman!!!! what could feel worse than the exhaustion and dehydration I feel post-nursing”.

Lo and behold! when I saw Xeneb lying down peacefully and Eesa running around – all hyper-, I missed that stage and without thinking, said to Atikah ‘enjoy now, once she starts walking, you’ll miss it!’.

They say it’s the terrible two’s. Eesa is only 19 months and if this isn’t terrible.. i don’t know what is! I believe terrible two’s struck him early!

We took eesa to the mall yest. It was HORRIFIC. I remember seeing kids at the mall, crying and screaming, and i would wonder”what bizzarre kids!” Guess what! MY KID’S ONE OF THEM NOW!!!


It’s crazy! The only way we could move him from one spot to the next was to hand him a penny to throw into each fountain at the mall. He was upset that I hid the car keys. And boy! do 19 month olds have a memory! He just wouldn’t forget! At one point he started crawling across the mall, crying! And, as if that wasnt bad enough, he lay down on the floor at walmart and kept crying.

Imagine this, standing in the line by the cashier, a little boy screaming and yanking hangers from his momma’s hands onto the floor! Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is our dearie Eesa!

I was sooo agitated. My patience ran out. But I bet you, this lil one was punishing me! And to top it all off, people were turning around and looking at us everywhere we went! I mean, what does it take? A finger poked through their eye to tell them to mind their own business? As it is, its embarassing to have a crying baby in your arms, ppl looking at u makes it a million times worse!

I had to finally get Maryam to pay for the stuff while i took him to the car where he silently munched on his pretzels!


I believe kids are God’s way of reminding us of the struggles our parents went through in raising us. I love this kid to bits but I wish to God there was some manual I could refer to! I just dont know where I’m going wrong. Eesa’s the eldest in the lot, and so there’s not many parents I can turn to for advice! All I wanna do is scream…



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  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    salamz hon, if you need some advice, i could give all the text books i studied for ECE, they are a big help, also you can always call my mommie, she’s great with advice 😀

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