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Booboo 1 meets Booboo 2.. May 27, 2006

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So we had everyone over for dinner last night. MashaAllah your cousin is showing evidence of his existence, not just through the bulge in chachi’s belly but by the kicks he masters through her onto everyone’s palms! Well chachi introduced you to booboo 2 yest. She’s blogged your experience here.

Apart from that you’ve learnt how to show off your ‘muscles’ (A.K.A blubber), your evil laugh, you swing your arms across your chest and scream like tarzan the moment we take off your shirt, you’ve mastered wheels on the bus and are now working on calling everyone by their names!

We’re spending the weekend at daadi’s tonight. let’s see what else you pick!

Love, Mum


2 Responses to “Booboo 1 meets Booboo 2..”

  1. Khizzy Says:

    i never knew about this blog…
    i love it!
    essa is soooo lucky!

  2. Nayma Says:

    i miss my booboo!!!:'(

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