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I miss you.. May 15, 2006

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I’m sitting in class, listening to an absolutely pathetic lecture from Tamma. But I’m missing you! you’re home with naani, naana and khala. mich u chochoo.

as an update… we’ve been back for almost a week but heading out to buffalo for a day again.. tommorow!

oh and we went to tandoori pearl for dinner yest with anwar uncle and his fam. we headed out to tim horton’s for coffee after and you totally bowled everyone over with your hyperness. you kept pressing the handicap button and played around on the table. you bullied Tarek, and then you did ‘head shoulder KNEES AND TOES’ for the FIRST time!! naani and i have been teaching u that for ages but u never did it. woohoo! yest u did it all of a sudden…
me lubs u buggie bear!
c ya in 4 hours!
love mama!


One Response to “I miss you..”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thank u for the credit of teachin eesa head n shoulders! i taught him that b4 all of u guys….u did wheels on the bus n ammi n i did that following but i did head n shoulders!

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