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Eesie in mumbai.. part 1 April 3, 2006

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Tmrw we’re leaving for karachi again inshaAllah. We’ve been here for a month and a day alhamdolillah and its been absolutely fantastic. Nanna and naani have been spoiling us intensely. You’ve become very attached to them and know ur way around them VERY well. Things we wouldnt dare do in our childhood with nana and naani, you do as easily as a smile!

you call naani Anna. Anna and naana have already been missing you since last week. Anna keeps saying ‘tum chalay jao ge tu mera kitchen koun mess karay ga?’ (once u leave, who’s going to mess up my kitchen?) Nana keeps saying, bohat sannata ho jai ga (its going to be very desolated), mein kal se kya karoon ga shaam ko (what am i gonna do in the evenings from tmrw?).

Here’s a short recap of the first 15 or so days of our trip here..
We came here on the 4th of march ’06. Nana recvd us at the airport. You cried like anything all the way here. but once the plane landed… u slept like a rock!

On sunday, the 5th we went to the CID office to report our entry. The jerks (I promise i’m not swearing, just calling an apple, an apple!!!) refused to allow entry without pictures. They needed 4 pix of me, and 2 of abbus. Luckily abbu had his, but i had none of myself. it was a sunday so most stores/photostudios were closed. the guy told us to chk out a few places, we did but none wer eopen. however, after a lil deliberation abu’s part, the first few guys let me register, but the main guy was looking for us to grease his palm. he kept creating excuses for us to pay up. first he said to go allover mumbai to find an open studio. abu said if he’s willing to keep the office open past 6, he will. then he said abu’s not an indian citizen so he cant be my guarantor. it took him a while to understand that abu is my guarantor and the basis on which my visa got accepted. basically reasons to make us pay up. abu refused. eventually… the guy allowed us to register but made us promise to come back the next morning before 10 with pictures. the funny part is, the guy was soo confused, he even called us at home to verify that abu is the guarantor.

Nana hasnt had a baby in his house for over a decade, hence no toys and so we were out of ideas on how to entertain u. Nana bought u a toy car on his way back from work on monday.
You couldnt understand why we were making you sit ON the car. You’d lift the seat and want to sit IN the car.

There’s you picking your nose in the next piccy!

I guess the pix above is one of those where u wonder ‘what the heck was mama thinking when she took that one?’ lol… much like the naked ones of ur abbi and Z chacha from when they were babies! LOL! worry not, i have no intentions of doing that to you! i THINK z chacha took a pic of u while u were bathing in dadi’s sink, wayyy back when you were like a yr old. But i thinkw e got him to delete it!

While you were here, Anna put to practice all her ECE education. She believes in Maria montessori’s method of teaching – the practical way! she’d make u do all kinds of funky activities. Here’s one of you vacuuming with her.

Thats all anna had to do. From the next day onwards, you’d do it with her everyday. If we tried to fool you by turning it off, you’d get us to put the plug back in. if we left the switch off, you’d tell us how to turn on the switch. Not by words, but by actions.

You’re simply adorable with the vacuum.

And then…you were introduced to the feather duster. All we could do was pray for the Almighty to take mercy on us.!

Thats you.. taking a break from all the hard work!

And thats you, at it again! Emptying out anna’s cabinets!

And thats you going, Uh-oh!, in a very dramatic fashion -upon being caught!

Thats you showing us some, famous, Hasan Family temper! Obviously, heavily influenced by mum’s side of the family!.


6 Responses to “Eesie in mumbai.. part 1”

  1. insiya Says:

    main chota sa aik bacha hoon / par kaam karoonga baray baray! 🙂

    MashAllah, he be the cutest! 🙂

  2. urbaNiche Says:

    mashallah he s really cute….i keep wondering whether im ready to have one myself or not…i guess ure never ready till ure ready…!!

  3. nayma khala! Says:

    i miss my baybee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    send him bak plz!!
    im not forcing u; jus him:P
    jus kiddin….u too

  4. Nayma Khala (namna) Says:

    lisn…ur almost gettin to TO…when u gonna do part two?

  5. Asma Says:

    Hey Sheza, came to your blog from Sondos’s…and I understand you know Maryam too (btw, do you know where her blog disappeared?) anyhow, baby Eesa is sooo cute masha’Allah. Its great to see diff bloggers blogging about their children, our Ibrahim is 6 months now.

    p.s I’m a Torontonian too living in California (did the opposite of Maryam)

  6. Umm Belaal Says:

    Eesa baby…come home! I was just telling Chacha that day that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have you around and drive me crazy on babysitting Mondays. It’s been too long. BTW please wear at least 3 diapers for the first time you go to Sauga…cuz Ridcha is gonna smack ur bum soo much..you need the padding.

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