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Prayer time.. March 31, 2006

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You’ve become a very dilligent prayer now mashaAllah(Glory be to Almight Allah). You run to grab the musallas(prayer mat) when you hear nana do the adhaan(azaan/call to prayer). you do awesome rukus and love raising your hand for Allahu Akbar. When we were in toronto, you used to love imitating the way i did wudhu(ablution) or follow the way i do my sujood (prostration)

Today while nana was doing wudhu, you followed him into the washroom. Nana washed you up your hands and face. Then on the way out, nana told you to take off the slippers. Amazingly enough, you understood. You took them off and ran out!

I lub u babe!


5 Responses to “Prayer time..”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Eesa baby, you are growing so fast.. everyday there is a new story to tell, I love you and miss you sooo much. It feels like forever since I’ve seen both you and mamma, insha-Allah a few more weeks to go and you’ll be back. Make the best of it – enjoy every minute with Nana and Nani, bug your Khalas as much as you can (make me proud!!!) and be nice and faithful to your mamma. I pray to Allah that you be steadfast in your prayers and a great asset to the ummah.

    I luv u.. *hug* *kiss*.
    Keep it up baby!
    Your paps,
    Imran Merchant

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Eesa Baby,

    This is your Chandu Mausi. Your crazy momma’s friend in T.O. It’s been so long since you’ve been gone. Aman and I have missed you lots. I hope you are having a wonderful time in India. Your momma has been writing about your great adventures.
    Do have a safe trip home and come visit us soon!

    Lots of Love!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    lol boo boo is growing up so fast!!!!

    ps. bhabi you have a lot of time on your hands!!

    pss…i miss da BOO BOO


    pssss…ill stop!

  4. Heina Says:


    Just wanted to say, nice blog!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    heyy Eesaa babyyy..
    i miss u sooo muchh..
    u been gone for like 3 n a half months now.. it seems like forever..
    mama says u guys cumin bak on the 21st.. lets see if it stays that wayy..
    everytime i read the blogs ur mama rites, i always wonder what ur guna be like wen u cum bakk..at home, we talk bout how big ur guna be.. and how naughty ur guna be.. i miss the way u used to fake laugh and do all ur dramatic stuff..
    i cant wait till u cumm bakk!!
    i call u first wen u cumm bakk.. ok, maybe after ur daddyy!!

    luv ya alwayyss..
    *hugs n kisses*
    ur phopho aka crap crap

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