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oooch! March 28, 2006

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A few days ago you came into my arms crying. You were crying uncontrollably and kept holding your ear. When I looked around you, i found a q-tip and thought perhaps you dug it in too deep. A day later, at mud Island, i found red-dish gunk coming outta ur ears. I cleaned as best as i could and decided to wait untilw e return to mumbai before i looked up a doc.

Last night, you woke up around 6ish and kept crying. i rocked you, tried to feed you, carried you around but you wouldnt stop. I could feel the pain in your cries. You had your finger in your mouth so i thought maybe you were hungry. we walked to the kitchen yet you wouldnt stop. we had some cheeslings, yet you wouldnt stop. we went back to the room, nayma khala sang ‘wheels on the bus’ for you, rocked you around and yet you didnt stop.

By this time, nana and naani woke up for fajr and you loved it. You ran in between everyone while they prayed, you did the ruku. But you kept touching your ear.

So we decided to take you to a doctor. at the docs, u screamed hysterically. you wouldnt let him come anywhere near you, much less touch your ear. you shrieked with pain when he tried to look into your ear. you looked at me to help you out. I couldnt. i had to hold you down so he could look. you held me so tight. i hugged you so tight.

At the end of the entire ordeal, we’ve walked home with two prescribed medications and a diagnosed perforation in the outer ear (hole in the ear drum probably caused by an infection).

Time to take your mediii! =)


2 Responses to “oooch!”

  1. @}--}-- *Ayesha* --{--{@ Says:

    I dunno why, but these blogs always bring tears to my eyes – its soo beautiful the way you write them, mashaAllah
    keep them commin 😀

  2. Anonymous Says:

    heyy my babyy!
    awwww…u ganda baby..u shudnt be poking urself wid a toothpick!
    hope u feel better eesaa!!!!
    luuvv yaaa…
    caant waiit till u cum bakk
    luv ur phopho nadia/aisha

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