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Eesa in karachi… part II March 25, 2006

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Ok.. so here’s the follow up on my previous post. I’ve been procrastinating endlessly, but reckon its about time I go on top of this.

so Eesie.. your daddy joined us in karachi around the 18th of feb for a proposed two week stay. alhamdolillah we had TONS of fun. daddy and i, along with u, revisited old places that we used to hang out at before our wedding. we were booked for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and coffee at night and it became tiring!

we stayed at shero phoppo’s house and saeed bhai and saadia bhabhi were kind enough to give up their room for us. we met your abbi’s family from his mums side but almost always forgot to take the cam (oops!). and we visited my daadi, my great daadi, my naani and many others. Bari naani is my daada’s mum. Abbi and i didnt get to meet her much after we got married, but during this visit, alhamdolillah you and i go meet her very often!

Thats u, me and dadi pindi.

That’s u trying to dodge bari naani’s walking stick from nana! Minus Amma, that’s five in a room, captured in the picture!

Thats you, running away with it!

That’s abbi and nanna with bari naani. Bari nanni, my dadda ammi, is well over 90 years old mashaAllah. yet she has become a child once again. Her medications and dosages are those of a baby – she takes baby calpol etc. Her needs are those of a baby. When this pic was taken, it was HOT for the rest of us while she was sitting in the room with a shawl wrapped all around her, her feet lifted up, huddled into her and he fan was turned off, because she was feeling really cold. She has a baby monitor next to her.

abbi spent tons of time with u and spoilt u endlessly. we visited the beach with shero phoppo’s fam and had tons of fun… In the start, you just loved the sight of the water but did not enjoy standing in the water. Whenever the waves approached, you’d run away. Abbi held your hand and taught you how to stand through the waves. Once you faced your fears, it was impossible to get you out of the water!hehe… below are some pix from dat day!

That’s Maryam Apa, digging away!

Thats Safia Apa, Khadeeja Apa and you digging a pool while Abdullah bhai is fetching water in the background.

That’s you digging away!

That’s Zahra apa, soaking up the sun with her cheerful and utterly priceless smile. (MashaAllah!)

That’s you mooning your bum away!

You in the sea…..

You on shore..

Mama and Eesie baby =)

Mama and Abbi…

Abbi, Eesa and maryam apa on the camel!

We saw crabs…

We soaked our feet in muddy water to escape the humongous crabs!

and… We looked pretty!

While zahra whistled and frowned!

and then… abbi left and we flew off to mumbai on the 3rd of march.. More to follow up on that!


One Response to “Eesa in karachi… part II”

  1. Nabiya (Kakka) Says:

    Hey Eesa, you haven’t met me YET but I’m your Kakka.. named after my Kakka – well NaniAmma for u. And I know you’re sick and tired of hearing this but seriously dude.. you are one cute lil dude! Now I don’t wanna say cute lil baby coz u know u mite get offended and say ‘I’m not a baby!’ so is dude ok?
    So anywayz back to the cute lil dude thing.. of course it duz run in the family the most obv example being me of course. And you look soo much like your Nana and your mum!
    But of course, I hate being told I look like other people as well so I’m gonna say that you look as cute as u!
    I hope we meet soon.. come to London and set the alarms off at the airport again! Can’t wait to c u cutie,
    luv, hugz n kisses!
    Luv Kakka xxx
    PS Dude those are some cool glasses u hav! Starting trends already thats my boy!

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