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Crap crap (phopho) insists i convey her msg to u… March 25, 2006

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×:иаðіа:× nadia luvss eesaaa & bhaabiiii says:
×:иаðіа:× nadia luvss eesaaa & bhaabiiii says:
×:иаðіа:× nadia luvss eesaaa & bhaabiiii says:
Imo0o’s Shezzii says:
Imo0o’s Shezzii says:
will doo!

Before that she asked:
[02:17:13 AM] (*)×:??ð??:×: hows da booboo?
[02:17:29 AM] (*)×:??ð??:×: watss he doiiin?
[02:18:31 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: sleepinnnnnnn
[02:18:37 AM] (*)×:??ð??:×: awwwwww booboooo
[02:18:49 AM] (*)×:??ð??:×: giv him a biiiiiig huug n kiisss from phopho/crap crap;) [02:19:07 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: will do!
[02:19:11 AM] (*)×:??ð??:×: 😀

chachi and chacha ask abt u often too!:

here’s chacha
[08:19:00 PM] :Z:: dont forget to bring booboo
[08:19:12 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: lol..ill try
[08:19:30 PM] :Z:: at moms, all you hear is cries of Boo boo.. randomly someone will say booboo and everyone will be like booboo
[08:20:02 PM] :Z:: i miss booboo
[08:20:11 PM] :Z:: i miss the crazy things he does
[08:20:21 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: he’s become crazier
[08:20:26 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: he’ll copy the way u sneeze
[08:20:35 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: and copy everything u say
[08:20:38 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: same tone etc
[08:20:38 PM] :Z:: like run around with a cup in his mouth
[08:20:46 PM] :Z:: he talks?
[08:21:03 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: no he just copies the sounds
[08:21:07 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: says small words like mama
[08:21:13 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: and anna for naani
[08:21:14 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: and nana
[08:21:38 PM] :Z:: hurry and bring him back.. i gotta hear him say tata
[08:22:24 PM] Imo0o’s Shez: inshaAllah

And here’s chaachi…

[12:16:05 AM] maryam: (K) to eesa
[12:16:06 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: kies
[12:16:08 AM] maryam: tell him chachi miss him
[12:16:11 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: will do!
[12:16:14 AM] maryam: and his mama too
[12:16:19 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: hehe:D
[12:16:25 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: that made moi day!
[12:16:28 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: tc n be good
[12:16:30 AM] Imo0o’s Shez: ws
[12:16:37 AM] maryam: salams


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