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Eesie’s first trip across the oceans.. March 16, 2006

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I know i’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. Maryam mentioned ‘baby merchant’s’ blog and i remembered you had one on blogspot as well. So here i am updating it for you eesie=) Daadi and Dadda, along with phoppo daadis are missing u intensely. They call regularly to get updates on u. This should make it easier for them. daadi often msgs on msn just to how you’re doing:

ѕнаяміи – says:
hows my baby
– ѕнаяміи – says:
missing him sooooooo much
Imo0o’s Shezzii says:
he’s fine alhamdolillah
Imo0o’s Shezzii says:
missing u alot too

We’ve been ona three month tour of india and pakistan since jan this yr. Amma wasnt feeling well so i decided – on the spur of the moment yet again- to skip a semester and visit everyone here. It was a very spur of the moment decision but Alhamdolillah(praise be to Allah), Allah swt has been blessing and easing our work for us all along. Things have been rolling very smoothly and mashaAllah our paths keep getting clearer and clearer. I had to skip the semester to come, yet the teachers have been on strike so i havent missed out on much.. alhamdolillah!

Eesie, you’ve been a monsterously wonderful baby. You were a terror during the first half of the journey to karachi. You ran up and down the plane aisle. however,post london airport, you slept like a log! at london airport… my hijab raised security alerts and the security people didnt chk me.. but YOU! they chked ur diaper and ur diaper bag. lol. Stop terrorizing everyone already! heh!

In karachi, chacha and chachi joined us a few days later… . we went to arizona grill with them and zartaj apa where u paced the restaurant north south, east and to the west! you just wouldnt let us eat. The waiter served us with hot mashed potatoes and u stuck ur hand right in and ended up crying… a lesson well learnt:P oh! we also saw our first cockroach in pakistan there. All bold and mightyful, walking across the dinner table!

we went to the beach for a bonfire.. but u slept right through it. u fell asleep on the way there and whilst we lit the fire, walked the beach etc etc,…. u slept right thru it! a few days later, zubaida apa and zartaj apa took us again. it was amazing. u loved looking at the waves splashing onto the sand but u were scared of standing in the water. I assumed you didnt like the feel of sand slipping underneath your feet. however(!!), u loved the sand. here are a few snaps:

This next oneis with u and Amjad bhai on the horse ride.

We spent alot of time with families from both sides. However, I didnt take many pix, during my stay at Imran’s side of the family due to purdah restrictions. We surprised their side of the family. We had saeed bhai and saadia bhabhi in on the plan and mom mistakenly let it out to farheen bhabhi who didnt know exactly when i was arriving. They were thoroughly surprised. When Ameerah apa saw you, she said ‘he looks just like eesa, i wish he was eesa’. When they saw me, they were very happy and glad that it was indeed you!

We met alot of family from my side as well. here are a few people up your ancestory ladder from my side. (woow that sounds like a swear word!!)

Thats the three of us. Four generations minus Abu (your nana). Thats my daadi dear. She’s a gem mashaALlah.

Your naani and khala, ammi and nayma, also gave us a brief visit from india for the weekend. Khala was a surprise. It was shaima khalas biddah day, so we all got together. Here she is giving us a stunning pose!

Naani dear is a lil camera shy and khala nayma was behind the camera so we dont have any memories from that.

On this day, you also met a friend who refused to be bullied by you- Fari khala’s son, Daniyal! Daniyal is a month younger than you. So far, you’d been bullying Aisha, Saeed chacha’s daughter, and Zahrah, Shoaib chacha’s daughter. Your daadi was scared you’d learn how to bully kids by being around other kids. Daadi, you were terribly wrong. Eesa bullied Aisha and Zahrah as though he’d been enrolled in bully’s camp his entire first yr of existence. Eesie you’d climb into Aisha’s car seat while she was in there or you’d snatch stuff out of zahrah’s hands. Inevitably you wanted the exact same toys that zahrah wanted. Aisha would bear her sorrows silently but zahrah would frighten u away with her wails! I deter.

Having lived with three elder cousins, Daniyal is no bystanding contender to your bully-ness. here’s the two of you:

You also fell ill while you were here. Not only were u having an upset tummy, you were running a fever that drove the the thermometer mercury, sky high!. You’d cling onto me like a second skin. You stopped eating and lost the tires on your arm (you’ve regained them again alhamdolilllah). On some days you were so weak, you could barely open your eyes. We had to force water down your throat to keep you hydrated. You scared naani to no end! A smallest bite of food would cause you to throw up! Here’s a few of you peacefully sleeping:

Your nana, abu, gave us a short four day visit from india. Here are your pix from the first day with him.

Your abbi missed you intensely and decided to join you a few days later. More updates from that part of our trip coming up shortly!


One Response to “Eesie’s first trip across the oceans..”

  1. Namz- namna khala Says:

    thanx for givin me credit of the pix…vat can i say, im a potential photographer;) newayz iwas really worried bout u too baybee, now in india its good to see the not so big terror u r…ur cute n amazingly clever MA
    shez don 4get to mention his driving balgi uncles car it was soooo funny
    tata baybee!

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