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First Raptors Game November 15, 2005

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Eesa! you attended your very first raptors game this sunday at the Skydome (aka Rogers Centre). It was Sunday Nov the 13th, all 9 of us went (Chacha and Mannam were in California for Faiz’s wedding). We sat in the Sprite zone and watched Raptors play. They were down by 19 points in the second quarter but by the 4th quarter they tied the score – taking the Raptors into overtime. For the first two minutes of the 5 min overtime, neither teams scored, however in the last 3 mins Seattle killed us despite our very good plays!

All said and done… you behaved very well and enjoyed all the clapping and shouting and screaming. You saw mama and baba jump, scream, hug and high five. you saw phoppo shake her bootie to win sprite zone gifts. daadi spoiled u with chicken noodles she especially made for you and yelled at the security guard for! (he said she cant take it, but daadi said its for the baby! – in a stern voice andthe guard backed off!) oh! while the crowd would clap and scream you’d start clapping too… when we yelled deefense… you’d scream ”aaah’.. there were 5 French guys from montreal behind us… they took tons of pictures of you coz they were soooo amused by you!

but we had our typical camera trouble.mine didnt have the memory card and phoppo left hers on the dining table! *sigh*

but here’s an older pic from mannam’s place – thats you with chacha.. this is when you were just learning how to walk!


One Response to “First Raptors Game”

  1. Tez Says:

    having graduated from film school in Canada..i too am a major raptors fan! good on you!

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